Skin of the Mole! Part 1.

Are you somewhat like me fellow internet browser? Do you want every page of your sketch book to look cool? I hate starting out a brand new sketchbook with a bad drawing. That drawing will give the rest of that brand new sketch book bad voodoo, and that's a waste of the 10 dollars I spend damnit!
Neurotic you ask?
....probably--BUT! I have purchased an age old brand of Sketchbook
And it has a magic voodoo all it's own
Takes any drawing i doodle out and some how makes it a little I say...pretty cool!
This is probably a common "know-all-about" for most of you. But this cat is just starting to warm up to me. And he's starting to Puuuuuuurrrrrr....
AND I can fill this entire book with above image of tiny penis man, if i wanted to, AND it'd still be pretty cool to flip though.
But i didn't. I stared on these guys, an idea i had for a while. In the middle of doing this one I found the sweet moleskine pamphlet, you know the one that has a million languages in it.
And it told me in it's own way:
"Picasso had one of these books you know..."
And I said:
"Oh I didn't know that,
thanks for telling me."

I started not to even think about it. No matter what came out of my fingers the skin of the mole made me feel comfortable enough to do whatever i wanted.
I even loved how the ink spilled onto the the next page.

And how it started telling a story. Building the next image after the last one.

Experimenting with all the different colors, seeing which ones work together.

Creating new characters and keeping some old

I am already looking forward to finishing this book and looking through it in years to come.